St. Michael's Holistic Natural Health Center™ 


Proper Method


Hering's Law/Principle

All services and products are utilized according to  Hering's Law. That is to say,any of the services and/or products involved are done so by applying the "Law of Minimals" in the proper order and sequence to bring about harmony. Many of the modern so called holistic centers bombard an individual in order to please a client. Some refer to this as "shotgun therapy".  After obtaining an transient improvement, one finds that their underlying cause only got worse and driven deeper. Many times this is due to not understanding the applications of Hering's Law. Again, "holistic" is a general term. It is so important to find a practitioner who practices true classical arts in holistic science. We will even assist you in finding the proper similar practitioner, in the event you are relocating. And, according to our policy, will even share our findings with them if you approve.Unfortunately,it is our opinion that many of the so called "holistic medical experts", including contemporary naturopaths, with holistic leanings are more "integrated practitioners". It is important to find a true pure holistic practitioner who truly understands and applies "Hering's Law" regardless of the modality utilized.