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Spiritual Healing


Ecclesiology Approach 

Spiritual Aspect

The name of our facility is not just for comfort purposes only. Here at St. Michael's Holistic Natural Health Center, we are proud to view our clients as whole beings. Many facilities are named after spiritual tiltles, but offer no true spritual importance to healing. We do not use God's name in vane. A true holistic practitioner or facility acknowledges the importance of the "spiritual being" in order for healing to take place. Many hospitals, and clinics  hold such impressive names, but no longer facilitate the spirtual apsect in healing. No holistic approach is possible unless one addresses the importance of the triad, "body-mind-spirit".

Spiritual Health

Learn how diet, vitamins, and herbs facilitate certain spiritual aspect of the individual. For thousands of years, may have recognized the effects that energy from natural substances have on the spiritual being . The chemicals of such substances are not the only important aspect. It is the ENERGY!

Learn how the wrong foods,wrong energy, poor enervating habits affects our well-being. And why these wrong things may be responsible for some of the spiritual deviations of today. Not every food is for every person.