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Ask about our program for athletes. Achieving fitness without health is a common problem with many spas, fitness centers and gyms. Achieving fitness, often does so at a very high cost. Fitness is achieved if an individual is 'fit" to achieve his or her goals, whether it is lifting a certain amount of weight, being big enough to play football, or achieving any physical goal. Fitness is not always a healthy word. However, "health' is not only achieving fitness, but doing it in a way which achieves physiological goals as well. You can actually achieve fitness, while avoiding high protein foods which are contained in many protein drinks. And some may even contain unhealthy fats.

Donald D'Anniballe, MS, Ph.D Holistic Health), HygioPhys., CHP earned a specialty in the field of holistic nutrition for athletic performance with regard to power, endurance and speed. Every athlete demands different requirements, depending on their sport, position, and whether they need primarily power, speed,endurance or a combinations of these attributes. Athletic training today often includes consuming high fat protein foods. There is too much emphasis on body mass, and external features, often forgetting about what is healthy. Use of anabolic steroids proves this point. For example, as long as one is fit and big enough to knock a lineman off his feet, that is all that matter. This often causes health problems down the road, including prolonged injury. But imagine if you can achieve both fitness and health at the same time!

There is scientific evidence that prolonged sequels to injuries are caused by the state of health of an athlete, at the time of the injury. The quality of tissue repair is determined by pH, proper nutrition, proper source of nutrition, levels of antioxidants, genetics, proper levels of buffers, and much more. Those with ideal physiological constitution have no prolonged agonizing reminders of their injuries.