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Here at St. Michael's Holistic Natural Health Center, we practice Eastern and Western herbology. We stay current on the most recent research. We stress the importance of high quality botanicals, which are at its highest degree of purity. Many supplements on the market today may contain high levels of metals, pesticides, and other contaminates.


Again, at St. Michael's Holistic Natural Health Center, we stress the importance of the highest purity, while producing supplements with the most hygienic process. Many supplements sold on the market contain impurities. Our vitamin/mineral formula are unique in that they are formulated to properly work "synergistically" or "antigonistically" together or against imbalances within the body. Without proper ratios, the client is wasting their money. 


The 80/20 (80/10/10) approach is how our bodies were meant to be fed. From the earliest biblical accounts to the present time, the laws of nutrition still remains the same. Our bodies were meant to consume 80 % healthy carbs, 10 % Protein and 10% healthy fats (essential fatty acids). While hundreds or perhaps thousands of diet fads stress the evils of carbs, the truth is our physiology demands carbs being the primary fuel. When carbs are blamed for weight gain and obesity, that tells us the sources do not know the basic fundamentals of nutrition. Yes the WRONG carbs can result in these problems, however, healthy carbs are a whole different story. Without the proper amounts of healthy carbohydrates, the body can not heal properly.

While abiding by the basic laws of nutrition, and living a hygienic lifestyle, we can live a long and healthy life. While many have heard about the importance of proper pH, it is sometimes overwhelming to understand the methods in achieving a neutral pH. Here at St. Michael's Holistic Natural Health Center, we make it easy. By using the P.R.A.L. method,  it is fun.

Learn how food combining assist in maximizing nutritional absorption !

New!  Digestive enzymes based on each individual's dietary intake, and ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates !


In business, they say,'location, location, location...." In health, it is "pH, pH, pH" Your health is only as good as your pH. Your body uses its' buffers primarily for pH of the blood. The pH of blood has very little wiggle room. If the pH goes off a little, coma or death occurs. This leaves very little priority of the buffer supply to be used for other tissue. We must obtain other buffer techniques like diet, proper breathing patterns, and others in order to buffer other tissue acids.



Our supplement line are from the best professional manufacturers of professional products. Some of which manufacturer's product  found their way on the internet. Most professional products are not for mail order purchases, and should be utilized under guidance from a qualified practitioner. BEWARE of knock off products which illegally uses labels that look authenic. Also BEWARE of products which are sold by entities which may have overpurchased product in the health field, and is trying to unload old expired product at discount prices in order to recover their cost of inventory.Unfortunately, even health care individuals do unethical things at times. In many cases they may hide their company name or even alter or smear the expiration dates. Please purchase your professional products from your local natural health practitioner or health care provider, in person.