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Legal Disclaimers

St. Michael's Holistic Natural Health Center is not a medical facility which diagnosis, treats, cures or prevents disease.If you have an emergency, contact 911. If you have an urgent medical need, contact your physician or medical specialist.                        

Third party web listings may use terminology referring to our services as, but not limited to," alternative medicines" "holistic medicines", "holistic medicine practitioners", "herbal medicines" etc. We can not control how these hundreds and perhaps thousands of web listings view our services, and how they manage their listings, categorically.  Many web listing services have limited categories and/or interpretations of holistic services. And they use these terms very loosely. This in no way implies that the services and products offered at St. Michael's Holistic Natural Health Center are intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent disease. On many these digital listing sites, if you see our link,, select it to guide you to this official web-site for our official services, products and disclaimers.

Products and services offered at St. Micheal's Holistic Natural Health Center are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Product and services offered at this facility is for functional support, educational purposes, self help, and historical uses only.

Any service or product offered at this facility which may refer to a body part or body system, is for functional support of that reference only, and does not imply treatment or diagnosis of such body part or systems.

Any service or product for your pet is not intended to replace veterinarian care. If your pet has a emergency, contact your veterinarian or nearest emergency animal clinic.