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Laws of Nature


Laws of Life

We practice holistic science in its purest form, by abiding by the natural laws of life. The various laws listed below, must be adhered to in order for proper healing to take place. Many modern naturalist fall into the trap of overloading their clients on too many supplements, violating these laws.Many practitioners never learned these laws, and don't take them into account because they are integrated practitioners, even though they claim they believe in holistic approaches.This often is due to the rising popularity in alternative approaches.When looking at how many laws we must keep in mind, it is important to consult with a real holistic practitioner.

Laws of Life

Law of Order- The living organism is self serving, self healing, self maintaining, and self repairing

Law of Action- When an interaction between a living organism(active), and nonliving matter(passive), the action only comes from the living organism. Lifeless chemicals do not act on the body. The body acts on passive nonliving matter.

Law of Power- The power or energy expended for a medicinal action comes from within the living organism, not from exogenous material.

Law of Compensation- There must be a balance between energy expenditures, and energy renewal.

Law of Selective Elimination- Exogenous materials which enters a living organism, must be expelled by means that least damages the organism.

Law of Vital Accomadation- A living organism will adapt or tolerate an outside influence it can not eliminate or escape, even if sacrificing one's well being. This is believed in what goes wrong in chronic disease like cancer.

Law of Dual Effects- When an exogenous force comes into an organism, or when coming into contact with an organism, creates an action opposite(secondary) to the primary action.

Law of Utilization- Living matter is all that a living organism can utilize, whether well or sick.

Law of Special Economy- The living organism will store up energy in which it can employ at any time, when needed. This is important to remember when fasting. There are reserves available for bodily functions.

Law of Conservation- Also known as the law of autolysis. When there is nutritional abstinence, the body will self utilize itself in reverse order of importance.

Law of Vital Distribution- Energy will be distributed to the various body systems in order of priority of importance. The brain and heart always gets priority.

Law of Quality Selection- When the vitality of the nutrition is greater than what is in the cells, the organism will discard lower grade cells for ones that will take in the higher nutritional value.

Law of Peristaltic Action- Whenever there is peristalsis, there is a reciprocal action of contraction with a period of relaxation right before the contraction.

Law of Limitations- Whenever the consumption of vital energy is so much that fatality is imminent, the organism will shut down all unnecessary function to conserve energy for the most vital body systems. We see this in self induced comas.

Law of Minimum-- The development of a living organism is regulated by the factor that is least abundant and least utilized. This is why one should not overtake supplements.

Law of Vital Development- An organism's body parts or systems develop in direct proportion to the vital energy and nutrient directed toward it by exercising that system or part.